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Furniture manufacturer warranty 2 years The warranty of the products is valid only if there are missing details, defects which has been made by manufacturer. The warranty does not apply if furniture damage is caused by poor quality assembly, use, storage or transportation. Return of the product- only with visible defect due to manufacturing proccess, in full package and original packaging. If the products are found to be defective by the manufacturer, the Buyer is entitled to request repair of the products, if the repair is not possible or useful, then the products are exchanged for the same or equivalent. The Buyer is entitled to request the return of money only in such a case, if the repair or replacement of the products can not be done within 15 working days.

Mattress manufacturer's warranty from 2 to 15 years

The warranty period is the period during which the manufacturer assumes responsibility for repairing details and defects in the mattress at no charge during proccess. The warranty period starts on the date stated on the mattress warranty certificate. Warranty duration of each mattress is on our website In case of material deficiencies due to the warranty period, obviously caused by manufacturer, the buyer has the right to go to the store where the mattress was purchased and request that the mattress defect be corrected. The customer must bring the mattress to the store with his own transport or with our transport for an extra charge. If the defect is manufacturer fault, then it is repaired within two days and the mattress is delivered to the customer free of charge. The warranty includes repair of the mattress or replacement of damaged components if a defect is detected. The warranty period for the mattress is extended by the time of repair by the manufacturer.

The largest mattress manufacturers of Latvia and foreign uses special mattress glue, which contains solvents. Glue is used to connect different layers of the mattress. Immediately after manufacture, the mattress is packed in airtight plastic foil. Due to this, after opening the package, you will feel a smell of solvent. Acetone and other solvents used in the mattress manufacturing process are volatile substances that completely evaporate from the mattress within 1 to 3 days. Most solvent evaporates within 6 to 8 hours. In this regard, we recommend to remove the film and leave the mattress in a ventilated room for one day. The exchange of a mattress due to the smell is possible if the smell remains more than 5 days after opening. Please also take into account that the natural materials that we use in mattresses (latex, coconut, seaweed, horsehair, camel and sheep wool) may have a specific odor.

Warranty repairs do not apply to the following cases:

1. If the mattress is used inappropriately to its functions, if the surface has different structural defects and deformations.

2. Damage caused by the buyer's actions: the repair of the mattress cover or parts without the manufacturer's permission.

3. Damage to mattress cover, stains (oils, paints, grease, blood, coffee, etc.), holes or cuts in a cover.

4. Damage and deformation caused by inappropriate mattress transportation way.

5. The mattress height can vary up to 3 cm during the exploitation and is not considered to be a defect.

OR MEBELES uses high quality certified materials. The mattress standard warranty is 24 months, but for several models the warranty is offered from 24 months to 15 years.


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