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The furniture, from which it is difficult to refuse even the minimalist lovers. Closet. Closets are many and different, and although today they are often preferred to built-in cabinets, classical, free-standing closets are still sufficiently demanded. This is also evidenced by our clients, who arranged their own home, choosing furniture from OR MEBELES. Our offer includes free-standing closets of several models - from classics to avant-garde solutions. When choosing a closet, first consider the amount of things you plan to keep in the closet. The more things you have, the larger the closet you will need.

The next step is the layout of the closet. Traditionally, closets are fitted with one larger compartment for hanging garments throughout their length, several shelving compartments with variable shelving heights and a drawer unit. Depending on the model, the closets, cabinets may also be without drawers, shelves, or even individual closets only for hanging clothes with a small shelf in the upper or lower part. Such cabinets will be more suitable for storing outer garments. The larger cabinets offer the option of hanging clothes on two levels that are comfortable and transparent.

A type of closet, cabinet door is no less important. We offer opening door closets and so-called coupe closets with sliding doors. This is a matter of taste, because the function of the closet does not change. The only difference is that the opening door closets occupy a slightly larger room space as the door opening area should be provided. Closets are offered with two or three doors. For many, it's important for the door to have a built-in mirror that lets you look at its full height. The mirror can be integrated into both the curtain and sliding doors.

Pay attention to the fittings of the cabinets - all the components must be tightly connected, the cabinet equipment must be secure and stable, the drawers must be tightened and tidied smoothly, the door 

must be loosened (the sliding patterns must slip) effortlessly, in the closed position the door must be kept tight.

Our offer includes cabinets made of natural wood - pine, birch or oak solid wood. Wooden cabinets are stable, durable and long lasting. It uses nature-friendly products that do not contain harmful substances. A quality wooden wardrobe will be a good investment in your home's interior. Cabinets made of slab materials will be useful for more economical solutions. They are qualitative, multifunctional and cost-effective, which is important, for example, when couples start cohabiting and housing.

Each model cabinets are additionally equipped with various comfort options. Also in free-standing cabinets can be placed so-desired pull-out baskets in built-in cabinet systems, in a cabinet it is possible to fix a belt and a tie holder, to put additional clothing stances, footwear holders, etc.

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