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Mattress MARS

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Individuāla pasūtījuma forma
Mattress MARS

Aizvērt formu

A combined mattress model with different sides of firmness. The mattress is based on an anatomical independent spring block ''; Pocket Springs '' (250 springs/m2) - provides spot support, adapts easily to body shapes and supports the spine in a natural state. the skin-type spring block allows a smooth distribution of the load along the entire surface of the mattress. The spring block is protected on both sides by a strengthened wool sheet wadding(durable, flexible, dense, do not hold moisture, very light material). Mattress filling consists of an innovative ''; SilverTex '' foam polyurethane - elevated antimicrobials ies, dense, long-lasting, resistant to deformation, and does not hold odours. Its structure does not allow dust and parasites to be hosted by . In addition to ''; SilverTex '' foam polyurethane has cocos fibres. In fibres a fibre plate is perfectly natural a fibre along with latex. It has amazements Chinese & scaron: not blown in any humidity, keeps flexibility and toughness for decades, completely ecological, hygienic, and doesn't cause allergies. 

Benefits of the mattress:

  • good breathability and ability to control humidity;
  • provide all-over support to ensure a restful night's sleep;
  • provide orthopedics effects;
  • flippable, double sided;
  • made from safe, non-toxic materials;
  • wide size range;
  • designed to withstand a load;
  • certificate;
  • 5 year warranty;
  • manufacturing time is 3 to 15 working days;
  • made in Latvia;
  • the amount of the first lease payment is 0%.
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