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Which better - spring or foam mattress?

To get up in the morning without discomfort, you need to pick the right mattress! So it's important to find out one of the types of mattress - foam or spring will suit your needs and sleeping habits.

Both spring and polyurethane foam mattresses have their own pluses and minuses.

The rigidity and elasticity of the foam mattress depends on the density of this artificial material. The most significant advantage of this type of mattress is the high comfort level. While the foam mattresses are thought to be soft, they are made up of layers of foam of varying densities that provide maximum body support. Modern foam mattresses have open pores, can dry and breathe quickly, and have a longer lifespan.

Foam mattress:

• Does not transmit vibrations, so the person sleeping next to you, who often turns in his sleep, will not disturb you.
• Provides the support you need.
• Adjust well to the body shape of the sleeper.
• Evenly aligns body pressure on mattress.
• Several degrees of hardness.
• Does not creak when changing body position.
• Easy to transport – almost all mattresses are rolled up.

Spring mattresses allows air to pass through better compared to no- spring mattresses, which have a much denser filling. This type of mattress can withstand a higher weight of sleeper and provide firm support for the body.

Spring mattress:

• Provide the necessary support.
• Ensure good air permeability and humidity control.
• Provides smooth support for all parts of the body.
• Provides orthopaedic effect.
• Withstand intense loads.
• Ensure good springiness. 


Looking for the right mattress doesn't mean looking for the most expensive or popular mattress. The most expensive mattress doesn't necessarily mean, it's the best. Choosing a mattress is very personal. Some people will prefer a firmer mattress, while others will prefer a softer mattress. When choosing a mattress, you should definitely consider your health, age, weight, sleeping habits and preferences.

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