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One of the most important prerequisites for good and healthy sleep is the mattress on your bed. Even though mattresses are offered for sale in a very wide range, finding your own is not easy. Sleeping habits are individual with many nuances depending on age, body structure and health condition. Mattresses are a product, where an individual approach is important, so mattresses are tailored to the personal needs of each customer as much as possible.

OR mēbeles is one of the most experienced manufacturers of bed mattresses in Latvia. We make different types of mattresses – our range includes mattresses without springs, with spring blocks, orthopaedic mattresses, as well as flexible Memory Foam mattresses and thin mattresses. In addition, we also offer standard models, which are a good solution if you need to purchase a larger number of similar mattresses for guesthouses, hotels or dormitories. Taking into account the manufacturing technologies and materials available to us, we offer mattresses of any size, shape and filling according to customers’ expectations.

The most popular types of mattresses:

Springless mattresses – usually medium-firm mattresses filled with natural or synthetic materials: coconut fibres, seaweed, foamed polyurethane, latex or other materials. These mattresses are flexible and the filling material is hygienic and hypoallergenic.

• Foam mattresses - the same polyurethane foam mattress with a porous structure. The foam mattress is made of artificial foamed material based on complex polyesters. The thickness of the foam mattress can vary from 7 cm to 20 cm. The foam mattress is resistant to bending, flexible, and also has sufficient firmness and softness. Mattresses with high-quality and modern foam do not deform and retain their firmness for quite a long time.

Spring mattresses – these are multi-layer mattresses with upholstery and spring block in the middle located between the upper and lower surface of the fabric. Springs may be of a different kind, both classic (free-position), arranged throughout the middle part of the mattress, and independent, meaning each spring is housed in a fabric pocket and attached one by one. Natural or synthetic materials are used as upholstery for mattresses: cotton, wool, coconut fibres, polyester batting, foam plastic, foamed polyurethane, etc. It is also possible to make double spring mattresses using two layers of spring blocks.

Orthopaedic mattresses – extra firm spring mattresses adapting to the shape of the body, helping to maintain the correct position of the spine, ensuring a steady balance of all muscle groups and not creating additional loads on the vertebrae of the spine. These mattresses are also designed for big weight loads.

Memory Foam mattresses – the latest generation non-spring mattresses that have gained great popularity. They are medium-firm mattresses filled with special Memory Foam, which adjusts to the body curvature and provides support in any sleeping position. At the top, the mattress consists of “memory” foam but at the base there is a thick layer of foamed polyurethane, which provides firm body support during sleep. After leaving the bed, the foam returns to its original condition and the mattress retains its shape even after long use.

Types of springs:

Classical springs – OR mēbeles makes traditional mattresses using Bonnell spring blocks, which is considered the classic spring system – decades-proven traditional technology, safe, with good air circulation and in affordable price range. Springs are interconnected, evenly arranged and respond flexibly to changes in body posture.

Individual spring blocks – latest generation mattresses made by OR mēbeles are designed with the separate (independent) Pocket Springs blocks. Each spring is housed in a separate pouch or pocket and functions independently of the others. This type of technology allows the load to be distributed evenly across the entire surface of the mattress, providing maximum comfort. It easily adapts to the shape of the body and supports the backbone in a natural position. Pocket spring mattress is a great solution for back problems.

OR mēbeles also offers environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and ventilating child mattresses with refractory filling. These mattresses are orthopaedic, with outstanding antibacterial properties, they do not hold smells and are resistant to deformations.

The most popular mattresses sizes are:

    • Mattress 90x200 cm – single size, suitable for one adult or child;
    • Mattress 120x200 cm – single size, suitable for one adult;
    • Mattress 160x200 cm – will be suitable for a couple;
    • Mattress 180x200 cm – will be suitable for a couple;
140x200cm and 200x200 cm mattresses are also available.

We offer a choice of cotton or sheep wool upholstery for your mattress. If you decide on a mattress with each side covered with one or the other material, you will be able to use the cool cotton side of the mattress in summer, and turn the mattress upside down in winter to enjoy the warmth of the wool.

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