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SPRING SEASON SALE! DISCOUNTS up to 60% on all fabric beds!
Order a fabric bed with great discount in our online store or at the salon - Čiekurkalna 8th cross line 12, and also use our special leasing offer - Buy now, pay in the spring. The promotion will last until 31.03.23 *Discounts do not apply to supplies, accessories and additional options.


According to science studies people spend about one third of their sleeping. An adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day on average, while, for example, babies spend up to 17 hours sleeping. Of course, it is best to sleep in a comfortable bed and it may possibly be the most important piece of furniture in a person’s life. Very often when settling in a new home, the first question that comes to mind is where do I put my bed? The choice of a bed is not a simple matter – it is not only a matter of physical well-being and comfort, but also a matter of the room interior. Sellers offer beds of different models and materials, and their price range is very wide.

SIA OR mēbeles is one of the leading furniture sales companies specialising in bedroom furniture. We offer different kinds of beds and their accessories, as well as other types of sleeping furniture – sofas, couches and folding armchairs. We also offer pillows and blankets.

Having worked in furniture sales for many years and having analysed customers’ expectations and habits, we have concluded that buyers prefer natural wooden beds made in Latvia. Our assortment also mainly consists of beds made from solid wood by local manufacturers. Natural wood is time-proven, and beds made of solid wood are stable, durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Beds made of wood are resistant to pressure and bending, they do not crack, get damaged or deform. In our offer you will find beds made of pine, birch, black alder and oak. All wooden beds we offer are made by the leading Latvian manufacturers of wooden furniture in Latvia, and each bed model can be ordered in a custom size and colour.

Despite the diversity of models, the basic design of the bed is similar in all cases. It consists of a bed frame and a base frame with lamellas (support planks) supporting the mattress. The base frame may have a straight or bent lamella grid. The bent lamella grid is suitable for beds with spring mattresses, each lamella is slightly bent and attached to the edge of the frame with a flexible plastic attachment. Thus, the frame base becomes more flexible and improves the comfort of the spring mattress. The other parts required for beds depend on the design of the particular bed model – these are bed heads of different types, additional support legs, beds are equipped with blanket boxes, shelves, additional extending sections, etc.

Our offer also includes double bunk wooden beds specifically requested by families with children, as they allow for significant storage increase. Separately, we offer the so-called fabric beds designed from chipboards and veneer and finished with elastic foam polyurethane upholstered in fabric.

In our offer we have also included separately purchasable bases for bed mattress. This is used when, for instance, your bed frame has been made manually. People with back problems will have a suitable metal bed frame with orthopaedic slats. Similarly, people who are forced to spend most of their time lying in a bed due to various health conditions, will enjoy a special lifting mechanism. It will improve the sleeping patient’s comfort and provide for an easier care of the patient.

Follow our website to see the full offer of beds and take advantage of the deals for bedroom furniture, which you have chosen a while ago!

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