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Furniture made in LATVIA
Furniture made in LATVIA


One of the most important prerequisites for good and healthy sleep is the bed mattress. Although there is a wide range of mattresses offered for sale, it's not easy to find them. Sleeping habits for each are individual, moreover, many nuances depend on age, body structure, and health status. Mattresses are an important individual approach, so mattresses are tailor-made to suit each customer's personal needs. ‘’OR MEBELES’’ is one of the most experienced bed mattress manufacturers in Latvia. We manufacture different types of mattresses - our range includes non-spring mattresses, spring blocks, orthopedic mattresses, as well as flexible Memory foam mattresses and top mattresses. In addition, we also offer standard models, which is a good solution if you need to buy more similar mattresses, such as guesthouses, hotels or dormitories. Taking into account the production technologies and materials available to us, we offer to make any size, shape and fill mattresses according to customers' wishes.

Popular types of mattresses:

• Non-spring mattresses - usually mattresses of medium hardness, filled with natural or synthetic materials: coconut fibers, seaweed, foamed polyurethane, latex or other materials. These mattresses are flexible, filling material is hygienic and anti-allergic.

• Spring mattresses - these are multi-layer mattresses, with upholstery underneath the top and bottom of the fabric, and the middle of the spring block. The springs can be of different types - either classical or free-standing, located in the middle of the mattress space, and independent, when each spring is placed in a cloth pocket and affixed one by one. For mattress upholstery, natural or synthetic materials are used - cotton, wool, coconut fiber, sintepon, proline, foam polyurethane, etc. Double spring mattresses can also be made using two spring block layers.

 • Orthopedic mattresses - high-strength spring mattresses that adapt to body shape, help maintain the correct balance of the spine, ensure a smooth balance of all muscle groups, and do not cause additional stress on the vertebral column. These mattresses are also designed for a large weight load.

• Memory Foam mattresses - one of the newest generation of high-performance mattresses that have gained great popularity. These are medium hardness mattresses filled with special Memory Foam foam that adapts to each body curvature and provides support in any sleeping position. At the top, the mattress consists of "memory" foam, but at the base there is a thick foam polyurethane layer that provides firm body support during sleep. After getting up, the foam returns to its original position and the mattress retains its shape after long use.

Types of springs:

• Classic springs - OR MEBELES manufactures traditional mattresses with Bonnell spring blocks, which is a classic spring system - decades-tested traditional technology, safe, good air circulation and a bargain price. The springs are interconnected, evenly arranged and responsive to changes in body posture.

 • Separate spring blocks - latest mattresses manufactured by OR MEBELES made with Pocket Springs individual or independent spring blocks. Each spring is placed in a separate pouch or pocket and functions independently of others. This spring type allows evenly dividing the load across the entire mattress surface, providing maximum comfort, easily adapts to body shapes and supports the backbone in its natural state.

Optional or mattresses offered by ‘’OR MEBELES’’ are ecologically clean, anti-allergic and breathable baby mattresses with refractory fillings. These mattresses are orthopedic, with excellent antimicrobial properties, do not suffer from various odors and are resistant to deformation. We offer cotton or sheep wool material selection for mattress topcoats. If you choose a mattress covered with one or the other material, you can use the cool, pleasant cotton side of the mat in the summer, while in the winter, turn the mattress upside down and enjoy the warmth of the wool.

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