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What is the first thing you notice when you enter the room? Furniture.
Only then follows details - more detailed interior items,
selected finishes, paints, light fixtures.

Furniture is an integral part of every room,and even admirers of minimalism will admit- furniture is necessary.

Furniture is one of the design tools to create the most suitable interior

for any room.

We, company OR MEBELES, offer high quality furniture from Latvian and foreign manufacturers
for attractive prices.
Our largest assortment consists of bedroom furniture and accessories - mattresses, blankets,
pillows and various accessories.
During the company's life, we have established good cooperation with many leading European furniture
manufacturers and their representatives.
As a result of this cooperation, we can offer many furniture at the best prices in Latvia.
The furniture is delivered directly from the manufacturer,
which allows you to reduce the cost of logistics, and there is no need to build large volumes of products.
Our co-operation partners often offer various promotions in which furniture is purchased at even lower prices
than on a daily basis.

By regularly following our latest offers, you will be able to buy your dream furniture for the best price!

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